Monmouth Park Racetrack

And their off...view photos


The Mad Hatter 2009

A day on the shore...view photos


Avon Walk :: Boston

For 2 days, we walk as 1... more link


The Mad Hatter 2008

Summer time.... more link


2009 Gala

A beautiful night... more link

The mission of The Next Generation Foundation is to get young men and women involved with cancer awareness. Cancer gives no allowance when it comes to age, race or gender. Therefore, we all need to do what we can to help eradicate this disease.

It is our generation that needs to set the example for young men and women to follow. There is so much that each of us can do, but not everyone knows where to start. Learn more

The truth is that so many of us wait til someone we know and love is diagnosed or lost to the terrible disease called Cancer. Together, you can help us to change this!

We shouldn't be waiting for a loved one to become part of a statistic, but rather coming together with our loved ones to try to change these statistics so that we are hearing more and more survival stories that fuel the inspiration Learn more